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29 maj 2020 10:42 av Reviews of Leptoconnect

Reviews of Leptoconnect

Since leptin is a hormone with a complex action, centrally or from the brain and also in peripheral tissues, if we do not have resistance to leptin we must consider that there are different ways to activate its presence to lose weight or at least, not to encourage your fall that would hinder our attempts to lose weight.

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26 maj 2020 13:14 av LeptoConnect


If you've been in an epic battle with losing weight, losing weight, and getting it back quickly, you're not alone. One thing that many people involved in this fight have in common is that they have a problem with Leptin.What is leptin? Leptin is a hormone in your body that helps control the feeling of hunger. This master hormone determines whether you feel full or hungry and affects your metabolism, telling you how much to eat.

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The leptin is a protein which was identified approximately 20 years ago, but discovered years ago when a mutation in rodents caused hyperphagia (good appetite), lethargy, and mild hyperglycemia obesity because of the lack of this hormone was observed. Its name derives from the Greek "leptos" which means slim because it was initially considered an anti-obesity hormone , but today it is known that it has many other functions in our body and that it is not only released in adipose tissue although i

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